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    I have a couple of questions to ask and I hope you dont laugh at me for these questions.

    1) How do academy grads meet their spouses? Hopefully having a family o e day is very important to me and I feel like I won't be able to meet many girls if I attend the academy. Like are there mixers and such? Also, whe in the military and stationed at a base, can you still go out and meet girls?

    2) Are academy grads highly sought after for jobs after the military? I am just wondering because I am still not sure if I want to make a career out of the military and was wondering of after those five years of service whether they will be sought after or not. I feel like those five years are a big gap in time since most civilian college grads would have time for job experience.

    Thank you, my family and I have no experience with the military and I was just unsure about these questions.
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    Well, ace, I'm a mom, so not directly able to answer these questions. But, the brigade is 20-25% female. So, there's one set of possibilities. Second, all those men have sisters.....there seems to be lots of girls coming for Ring Dance, International Ball, etc. Sponsor families have daughters, friends, etc.

    Although it seems they don't have time to date as one might at a "regular" college, there sure are a bunch of weddings in the chapel every summer! I think one mom told me they allow three per day and it is tough to get spot!

    The answer to your second question is YES! They were the cream of the crop going into the Academy and by the time they graduate, they will have experienced things others only read about in adventure stories. That is all before they get to the fleet. Employers love military experience because those folks have been in leadership roles like none other. They are dependable, reliable, and know how to get a job done on time, every time.
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    Its been said that female mids date other mids but male mids date women they meet at other nearby colleges. I guess that's how the math works out with a 3:1 M/F ratio.

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