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Jun 12, 2006
These next two weeks I will be sitting in front of a computer working a job at Patrick AFB on Operation Air Force summer program so if you have any quick questions before I return to the Academy and your son/daughters leave for the summer to join me there please feel free to ask away.

P.S. Im in class of 09 so I just went through what your children are going through.
Could you give me an impression of some of the classes? What is MSS like? I've done some reading and asked a few questions, but am still confused.
Patrick? Haha!
I live about 10 minutes away from there.
I bet its kinda of boring. (at Patrick) Other than the 45th Space Wing, 920th Rescue Wing, and a bunch of C-130s there is nothing here, well except for the beach...

Oh, Sorry I forgot to intoduce myself, I am A USAFA 2011 hopeful. I leave for Summer Seminar Friday

I think I saw you or one of your classmates at the Gym yesterday.
Question concerning SS

My son will be attending SS session 2 next week. He is an avid bicyclist (road races, etc.). Will there be time in the evenings for him to continue his training? Btw, last year at the sports camp he attended at AFA he was allowed to bring his bike and ride in the evenings. I am wondering if there is free time in the evenings at SS where he will be able to do the same. Thank you very much for your assistance.
As far as classes go your freshman year its all core meaning you dont have a choice. Chemistry is a freshman killer puts a lot of kids on ac pro, and they grade things pretty tough. MSS is basically a military history class with some insight into past and current strategies. Comp sci is another freshman pro and honor probation is this classes claim to fame. Basically your doing some type of programming with something called raptor. I thought it was gonna be a helpful class to learn about computers and programming but it really has little to with it and in my opinion is useless. You'll probably have some type of calc class if your like me and suck at math it can be very hard and even if you are good dont expect to come out with an A lot of smart kids struggle to maintain a B. History is just like high school. English i cant tell you to much about cause a validatd the first 111 or whatever it is. Geopolitcs is a history/ current events class its interesting and a pretty easy class as long as you do what your supposed to. Eng 100 has no test just group projects nothing special or hard. you might take a foriegn language your first year who knows doubt it though. Can't realy think of anything else but thats a basic overview of what I can think of. If you can think of another class ask me about it im drawing a blank right now.

As for as the SS2 which I assume is the summer seminar, I never attended those but you can get mountain bikes or whatever ou need and the rec center. Your son should be allowed to bike on his spare time. And im sure if he cant rent one or doesnt want to someone at the academy will know someone who is glad to helo.
BigSwingFace is there any good place to party out here for the weekend...I maybe going to daytona beach but if i dont i need to find a place to go at night last weekend i didnt stay round here so i dont know to much.
There aren't many party places here (unless you want to camp out on the beach, but you have to get a permit) but, orlando is only 45minutes away. Theres tons of stuff to do there, but most of it is expensive...