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    I am junior in high school intrested in joinning USMMA in the future I have done some research on it and still clueless on somethings. If you guys don't mind can you answer a couple of quick question and sorry if this has been asked in other threads.

    1.Does transferring from community college to USMMA ruin your competitve edge to get in?

    2.If I were to transfer would it look better to have a associate degree or will a engineering science certification which gives you all your general ed courses for the first 2 year for engineer transfer be suffice. https://www.midlandstech.edu/learn/academics/engineering-technology/engineering-science

    3. How hard is it to get nominated by congress or a senate for this academy

    4. Can you guys give me any advice on how to get into this academy and what I should aim for.

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    1. Having some college under your belt does not in any way "ruin your competitive edge to get in" unless you perform poorly in those college courses. No matter which academy - they are looking to see if you have had success after High School. In fact - I have seen where a number of candidates do better when having had some post-HS success. Understand that there is no "transfer" process though. You will still have to attend all 4-years. You may be able to use some of your previous college credits to avoid retaking the same classes; this will give you the option of lightening the load or taking alternative electives. But there is a minimum course load and all four years will be required at KP. Since you are a High School Junior - I don't know why you would be looking at this as an option.

    2. I don't know, and cannot speak to, how either of those options would be looked-at. I do know that they would want to see you challenge yourself with the courses - and succeed.

    3. Nominations can be tough - depending on a number of factors. Where you live, the number of applicants that year, the quality of applicants, etc... Once again - do well in College, have good SAT/ACT Scores, be involved in extra-curricular activities with leadership, stay physically fit... basically you need to make yourself a competitive candidate.

    4. While it has been a number of years since I attended KP - I do spend time recruiting for them. Applicants with college experience are older, tend to have better study habits, and many times they are able to handle being away from home since this isn't new to them. I you follow my advice from #3 - keeping good grades, challenging yourself, remaining active in leadership and staying physically fit - all you can do is pray and hope for the best. It's a long journey - and each step in the process comes with its own challenges. Good Luck.
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