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May 8, 2008
I'm applying for an AFROTC scholarship, as well as the Air Force Academy. When I go to dodmets.com to fill out my info and schedule my appointments, I saw it said something like "schedule your appointments for ROTC." I never saw anything for the AFA. If I am applying to both, will it automatically send the results to both?
The DODMETS website says:
You should identify yourself as an ROTC, US Service Academy, or USUHS applicant when calling to schedule the appointments.
They only tell you to do this so that the doctors office knows that DoDMERB is in charge of your appointment and it is a DoDMERB exam.

Once you take your physical and eye exam, the results will be sent to DoDMERB. Then wherever you're applying to (AFA, USNA, ROTC, etc.) will be able to acces your medical files through DoDMERB.

I'm pretty sure that this is how it works. Someone check me on it?
SemperExcelsius --- Yes. One of the major benefits of DoDMERB is "one stop-shopping." Regardless of how many programs you apply to and when you apply, a DoDMERB exam is valid for 2 years from the date of the exam. Not knowing who you are, I suspect that you were submitted by AFROTC first.

So, yes, you are on the right track. Your DoDMERB determination will be posted to any and all programs you ultimately apply to.

Thx for the opportunity to answer your question:thumb:
Correction - My last reply was for PackerMatt7 and to clarify for SemperExcelsius as requested:smile:
Thanks. I figured that's how it is done. Just making sure... don't need anymore trouble since I may have to get a waiver later on down the road.
Understand. Hope we've helped:thumb: