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Aug 20, 2007
It's probably answered here somewhere, if so I apologize, but ,entering senior year (son), what's the best self imposed timeline to use to work the dual process of applying for ROTC and general college?

I'm trying to determine if there is a "chicken and the egg".

My other son who did the traditional college route was still doing Open Houses in October of senior year and sending applications right into December.
Do them together. Do the ROTC NOW!!!
No need to wait on ROTC at all. What ROTC is he interested in? Army, Navy Air Force???

For Army - my daughter applied in the summer - she did have to list schools - up to 8 I think. This list can be changed and some kids are even offered scholarships to schools that they did not list (recrcuited - so to speak).

She had her application done in August - except for the fitness test and interview. Several schools on her list called and asked her to do the interview with them - you only have to do it once.
She had her interview in Oct and was offered the scholarhip at the end of the interview. She had not yet applied to the school.
IF your son planning on applying for a ROTC scholarship, everything should be done before December 1st. So he needs to be working now on this process. The medical exam can be the most time consuming, AF and Navy do not give the exam until your are offered a scholarship.

Because the first AFROTC board meets early December you need to have everything done 2 week before this board. I am sure that the other services have early boards too. The more boards you meet the more chances for your file to be reviewed.

I had both my children have all the college applications done by Sept 1st. It really gave the kids a stress free senior year. They both were accepted to colleges in Sept this made them look at their friends freaking out in December about the deadlines and thank me for pushing them to do this so early. This also made the kids' GC happy, she was able to write letters when she had time, not when 20 others want them by next week too.

One thing that most GC don't tell you/know that the earlier you apply it makes you look very interested in their school. When a school starts handing out merit aid, they look at the first admits. Just ask the schools they will tell when their aid pot runs dry.....

My D received 2 full tuition scholarships and 2-3/4 tuition scholarships. She graduated debt free and it cost us about 15K for her 4 years. My S was offered 2 free rides at private schools, with his ROTC scholarship. Plus 3 other schools offered him flat out merit aid. He picked a school that if he lost the scholarship he could still pay for out of his college fund. (Things happen injury, illness and Military cut backs)

I would feel that you are already running late, schedule his interviews with the ROTC units now.
He just had his physical for DODMERB this week...(app to USNA)...is that the same medical exam?

As far as other parts of the process, don't some require you to be age 17?
(Birthday in early Spetember)
Justawife makes an excellent point - getting medically cleared can take some time if remedials or waivers are needed.

While AF and Navy sends your name in for your physical after you have the scholarship - Army will send in your name as soon as Cadet Command deems you competitive.

There really is no reason to wait to visit schools before you apply - although the application fees can put a dent in your pocketbook!
As far as other parts of the process, don't some require you to be age 17?
(Birthday in early Spetember)

You will have to sign for your child until they are 18. It doesn't matter what their age are now.