Quite interesting day...


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Feb 17, 2008
So I had a really interesting morning today....

This morning my phone rang around 8am. Having only 5 hours of sleep since I slept at 3am I was a little fuzzy. It was my supervisor. He told me to report for duty in an hour in my BDUs (I'm active duty enlisted obviously). I ask "for what?". He says "something happened this weekend and you were one of the witnesses so the commander need to ask you some questions". I was like "What?!... but I was gone this weekend". Anyways of course never question your supervisor so I just went along with it. I got to my duty section and the commander was not there. Turns out the meeting got push back to 10:30 am now... Great!

So finally the longest hour and a half rolls by I walked out with my Supervisor and his boss from the duty section ad drove to our squadron conference room.

Waiting... I kind of knew what it was about already but I wasn't sure yet... I got 2 calls from my AFA counselor the week before asking for my commander's name and always ended the conversation with "expect to hear from us soon".

So another 15 min rolls by... the commander walks in... everyone was in attention... he didn't waste any time to say what he had to say:

"Nico... tell everyone here what you've been waiting for in the last month."

So I told everyone in the conference room about Air Force Academy and such...

Then my commander said "I got the official word this morning that you've been offered an appointment to the USAFA Prep School".

Heh... at first I did not know how to react... but deep inside I was bouncing off walls thinking "wow what a way to start the day"....
yea man, congrats!!! were you hoping for an appointment to usafa? because if you were, i hear the prep school is a great way to get a leg up.
To be honest I applied for the Prep School directly because of the experience. We prior-enlisted can apply directly to the prep school.
Yea we've got two from my squadron going to prep, another should be going to the academy, and me going to USMA. We're trying to beat last year's record of 9. Are you sewing on SrA while at prep or just stayin A1C?
Well I'm jelous... I'm giving up BTZ, FLP Pay, and Flight Pay next month...plus my bonus. Congrats again Nico! Tell Breske I said hi.
hehehe it will give me enough time to save up for the drastic pay cut lol. i will. if i say poyner they'll know right?
Yea he should. That pay cuts gunna hurt more than anything else.... I take that back... no beer will hurt more than anything else.