R-Day 2018


Jan 20, 2017
Has anyone heard about the date for R-Day for the Class entering 2018? Our son is an AOG Scholar and we are trying to plan a summer trip around R-Day, but I can't find any posted reference to a date yet. Anyone heard anything? Thanks much!
It is usually the first Monday prior to the 4th of July. I would agree that July 2 is a reasonable date
If possible, attend the 4th of July concert at Trophy Point. It was amazing to see the 2021 cadets honored. I am so glad my husband talked me into going!
While I was not able to be there live, we did watch the live stream and it was impressive. Note that it may not actually be on the 4th though. This year it was on the 8th.
Agreed about that live stream. It was incredible! And yes, R day is likely that first Monday in July.
Where is your son an AOG at? My DD was supposed to be am AOG but was one of the lucky few that got called last minute to go direct. It has been a whirlwind, but we still keep in touch with some of her other AOG friends. Anxiously awaiting for you all to join us up on the Plain!
July 2 is what it says on the West Point AOG calendar. 39 years to the day after my R-Day. Tempus fugit!