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Discussion in 'Service Academy Parents' started by VelveteenR, Jul 8, 2015.

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    Was anyone else unable to pick out their cadet at the oath ceremony? Totally bummed that even through all the USMA footage and photos and one parent's extensive youtube video closeup of our kid's company, we were only able to narrow down to two or three possibilities. You'd think you'd know your own kid--I mean, he was bald for several of the first years of his life...

    We spoke with him briefly on Monday and asked him if he was in either of the two locations these potential-VelveteenCadets were standing and he said, "No clue, mom. They wouldn't let us look left or right, but I can tell you that I was standing behind a white male with a shaved head." So helpful. Guess we'll never know. :(

    Was great to hear his voice, though. Totally positive, totally happy with his choice.

    Any other comments from parents about R-day experiences or first calls?
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    I brought binoculars to R-day and was able to find DS right away, but he is taller than average which made it much easier to find him, I suppose. He had a scowl on his face the whole time. He sent a letter and also called yesterday, too. He said he had to try so hard not to smile during the whole parade and oath (as they were told not to), but he was overjoyed with pride and really happy. He said he is exactly where he should be. It's always a good feeling to get that kind of news, when you think they could be really miserable.
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