R day is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Nov 25, 2007
R-DAY is here for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy!

Good luck everyone (who are definitely not thinking about this website right now!)
Yep. By this time all 8 companies have reported to the table in Leamy Hall, taken the short bus ride up the hill to the arch at Chase Hall, and have begun Day 1 of Swab Summer.

Mystic Flag ceremony is in 25 days.

Fall Academic Term begins in 51 days.

And only 87 days until Parent's Weekend.

Right, now do the conversion for "feels like" days left until those dates....
We just got back to the hotel! The companies looked amazing!!! All of the swabs of course had the "deer in the head lights look" (I know I'll definitely be like that 2 days from now at the US Naval Academy :)...) But they definitely looked impressive! My brother said he was having an awesome time (getting yelled at of course :)...). CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!!! And parents stay strong! :)
Swab summer daily shedule (in Excel format) as well as pictures will be forwarded to the highest bidder!

(just kidding)

I am glad to see they moved the math placement exam to R-day though. Having it in the middle of the summer like they did for us wasn't the best idea.
Typical Swab Summer Daily Schedule

0600 Reveille
0615 Morning Workout
0700 Formation and Morning Meal
0800-1130 Training Period
1200-1300 Formation and Noon Meal
1330-1600 Training Period
1630-1800 Inter-Company Sports Competition
1815-1915 Formation and Evening Meal
1930-2030 Training Period
2030-2130 Study Hour
2200 Taps (Lights Out)

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

reveille is actually 0530. and realize that "training period" can mean anything from sitting in some lecture or sweating it out on the stationary bike