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  • Hey usnahopeful, what were your HS stats, if you don't mind me asking? GPA, SAT/ACT, class standing, EC's, etc? As a successful attendee, I'm telling my son who didn't score so well on the ACT's that there is hope. If you wouldn't mind...
    Hey thanks alot-that's some very helpful info. No I haven't been accepted yet but i'm triple q'ed. Not a big fan of the wait to find out either haha.
    Hey usnahopeful, i read on the forums you'e been to a cvw and i'm attending one this weekend. Just wondering if you have any advice about dress while there. I was planning on khakis and a long sleeve, collared dress ****.
    thanks for any help
    I have not seen the date yet but it is usually around the first week of July. Plebes usually spend the Fourth on the Yard.
    I think it is English. I'm traveling on business this week but will try to confirm when I return. Our state is an "SAT" state, so I'm not as familiar with the ACT.
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