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    DD has last report time of day. I believe it is something like 9:30 or so. This is based on ending number of SS #. Any advice from those who have been through this?

    Can you report early? Is there a reason to?
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    The intent is to stagger the "zombie hoard" attacking Ike Hall at once. When you arrive there, you'll wait in a long line of CC with their families. The attending Cadets will count off the number of CC with their entourage and will enter Ike Hall for a 10 min brief then your 90 sec good byes. Your CC now begins his 47 months at West Point. This will continue until no one is left in line. The families will exit to the opposite doors and you'll meet other families and a number of venders to purchase cool stuff. There will be a long line you must attend to purchase, and the only time available, the convented Class of 2019 tote bag with all of the CC names silked screened on the side. Every mom must have one or two in some cases.

    If you arrive early their is no penalty. If you hear a rumor they are running out of stuff to be issued to the CC ignore the rumor. No need to get into a panic, there is plenty of stuff for them.

    Good luck!!

    The weather forecast is going to be awesome!! And congrats!!!

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    We had an early report time, so only from speculation I could say that getting there early to get through security checks, find parking, and getting a shuttle to Ike Hall is still advised. Sure, there’ll be waiting, but who knows who you could meet (maybe the Supe or Comm like we did) but it’s also the final civilian time before the 90 (or nine) second goodbye. The longer part of the day is after your candidate leaves, waiting until the afternoon oath ceremony. But if you are up for it, many places to visit on post and you can always start playing “Where’s Waldo?” while casually watching the occasional gaggle of candidates marching to/from the central area, Thayer Hall, etc. Might see someone, who knows? Grab lunch at Grant Hall, listen to the cadre (generally on the other side of a door, wall, or sally port), and mostly, enjoy the day, it’s a memory-maker for everyone, to be sure.
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    1. Last year it was a 60 sec goodbye. The loss of 30 seconds was more important to some parents than CCs.
    2. What I heard last year after the fact is that those CCs that arrived earlier had a little more time to settle into their rooms & unpack before the parade/formation. I wouldn't encourage everyone to go earlier than their scheduled time but if you arrive on post early, have parked and are in line a little early no one's going to notice. It seemed like the CCs were anxious to get going & some parents were trying to hold onto every last minute. Let your CC decide. Either way all NCs will end up at the same spot by days end.

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