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    I am in army ROTC at my university and have enlisted in the National Guard as an E-3 (because of my credits) to do SMP. On the ROTC website it states that I will recieve the pay grade of an E-5 while enrolled in SMP and the Guard. Does this mean that only my pay grade will be that of an E-5 or will I automatically be promoted to an E-5 once I return from BCT/AIT or will I simply retain my rank and go through promotions as normal?
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    ARNG – NGR 600-100, para 13-4, 13-5; AR 611-201, para 7-5
    USAR – AR 601-210, para 10-7d; para 10-8d; Table 9-9, Enlistment option 9-H: AR 37-104-10, para 2-13

    SMP participants serve in ARNG/USAR units in the rank of “cadet” and receive drill pay in pay grade E-5 (higher, if higher enlisted rank held prior to contracting).

    SMP participants who are disenrolled from ROTC advanced Course will return to the grade and rank held prior to SMP participation.


    As a officer cadet you are no longer 'enlisted personnel' but your pay grade is E-5.

    As a cadet, you are not however a NCO for military courtesy. When a NCO enters an area of junior enlisted soldiers or cadets, the room is called to “at ease”. All personnel should immediately go to the position of “stand at ease” until told to “carry on”. Likewise, when speaking to an NCO, soldiers junior in rank or cadets, will maintain the position of “parade rest” until instructed to “stand at ease”, “at ease”, or “rest”/relax.

    (my understanding is that this is a result of the Geneva Convention, in time of war, a cadet who is pressed into service is technically a NCO and is then treated as a NCO - if cadet becomes POW)
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    You are E-5 ONLY in pay-grade not in rank. You will lose the E-3/PFC and become a E-5/CDT or cadet. Your job in SMP is to learn not supervising soldiers like an actual NCO would.

    As a SMP cadet you maybe referred to as sir or ma'am because of your officer training status but I doubt you will be saluted. Best advice I can give is to pick the brains of everyone from PVT on up about their jobs during drill. ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU CAN.


    Cadets fall under Geneva Cat III which is actually the officer category and would be treated as such during POW situations.
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    What everyone so far has said is accurate.

    Just remember that you are NOT being promoted. You acquire a temporary status that can be revoked if you 1) don't enroll in the MS3 and MS4 year or 2) fail to complete those in a satisfactory and timely manner, or 3) at your commander's discretion.

    So yeah, enjoy the extra pay, put your nose to the grindstone, and learn. Consider the pay an incentive to do well and learn how to be a better officer.

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