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    Before I ask my question, I would like to congratulate those who have recieved their appointments. For those who are still waiting with CPR (like me), do not lose hope!

    Which academy is the hardest when it comes to academics? Training?

    Also what would your ranking for the difficulty of getting in to each academy be? From what I have asked to cadets/mids, they have told me that it is hardest to get in USAFA academically. Not sure exactly the explanation to that.

    Lastly, from anyone who has experience with people who are graduates, what would the ranking also be for quality of life after graduating? Again when I have asked this question, I have gotten the answer that Air Force has the better quality of life overall and they are more "take care of your people" based than the other services (not knocking any of the services).

    A little about me: I have an appointment for USMA and USAFA but I REALLY want Navy. Still on CPR and finished everything by September 1. Processed in 7th semester transcripts by beginning of February.
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    Sounds like you are in the same boat my DS was a couple of years ago waiting on USNA. He waited until he got his wait list letter from USNA before he took his USAFA appointment. He found out I-DAY weekend that he didn't make it into USNA. It was a blessing in disguise. There are quite a few midshipmen and USMA cadets on exchange at USAFA and according to my DS they like the quality of life a lot better at USAFA. USAFA basic is tougher and longer then USNA but quality life after basic is better. You still have a lot of tradition and history that comes with being at an SA but you are less restricted regarding the weekends compared to USNA and USMA. My DS is from HI so if you have any other questions go ahead and pm me. I can answer from a parents view and from what I've learned from my DS.
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    You are in the envious position of having choices. Are you sure you're asking the right questions if this is your decision making process? e.g are you going to decide where to go based on how hard they are academically and for training? I would hope not.

    As for "ranking", what possible difference could that make now since you already have an appointment and how does the possibility of getting a USNA appointment enter into any of this? I'm not trying to be smug or difficult here but I would think at this important juncture of deciding on your future you would be thinking about a lot more important things than just trivia.
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    ^^^ I agree, you don't choose an SA by finding the one that is most difficult either in academics or training. Attempting to rank something that subjective isn't a good use of your time, regardless of how many of them offer you an appointment. Look at the career opportunities that each SA offers as a start and which are the best fit for your interests. Also good to remember you may NOT get your first pick of service selection.
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    Hear, hear!
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    So you want the easiest? Try your local community college, or better yet, take on-line courses.

    You won't find an easy academy.
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    My son is still CPR at USNA and didn't apply to USAFA or USMA, because he already knows he wants to be a Naval Officer (I suppose my brother USNA '90 and current CO of NROTC Ga Tech and me USNA '88, plus his being in Sea Cadets and enjoying it, confirmed the Navy). He has a 4 year NROTC scholarship to Auburn as his plan B, but our discuss last night centered around life at USNA for 4 years versus ROTC and Auburn. On one hand, I get the idea of one day a week in uniform, a class or two each week, summer program, but getting to be a "normal" college student the rest of the time versus military 24/7 at USNA. Very different in the short term and I'm not so sure SA's give you an automatic leg-up on a military career anymore. It's about performance once you are in the fleet. In comparing all the SA's versus each other, they will all be much more restrictive in regards to personal time off, etc. versus a "normal" college and the reality is that it's 4 years. We can all argue about which school is tougher academically, but the reality is they are all challenging. If I were you, I would focus on your min. 5 year commitment and potential for a career in that particular branch of service. It has been said elsewhere on the forum... USAFA focuses on careers in the AIR, USMA focuses on careers on the ground, and USNA focuses on careers in the water. Don't fool yourself that you are going to avoid those elements if you choose that service. If you go to USNA and want to fly, you will spend lots of time on ships during Midshipmen cruises and Aircraft Carriers. My brother is a P3 NFO (the only plane not stationed on carriers) and he spent lots of time at sea during his career. You will also have many 6 month deployments that are unaccompanied. This was a reason I left the service after my 5 years (I had a 6 month deployment and two 3 month deployments during my 2-1/2 years aboard ship before shore duty. The Air Force is probably the most conducive to a family life, with their base locations and accompanied tours around the world, if that is your long-term focus. Hope that helps.
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    Academically, probably all about the same. I lived with an exchange Cadet one year from USAFA, they thought USNA academics were harder. The USMA cadet who lived next door dropped a full grade point while at USNA. Training wise and life wife... USMA is what I would say is the hardest. Not much liberty Plebe Year than walking out the gate for food. Training wise, I think USMA takes it the most serious. USAFA gives many more privileges to Plebes and upperclass early on. The bottom line is pick the service you want, not on the difficulty or what is perceived as the hardest. If you hate mud, dirt and camping... you won't like USMA or being Army officer. If you hate water, don't go to USNA. If you have no desire to fly... I would ask alot of questions before going to USAFA.
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