Rated Board Age Waiver Help


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Feb 8, 2018
To give a brief background I am currently 28 years old and I applied to the rated board. Before my package was even evaluated, it was thrown out because I turn 30 roughly 4.5 months after I commission. One of the officers previewing my package was concerned that I would not be able to start before my birthday. I realize that my process would need to be expedited, but from what I can find I am still technically qualified to apply. I am also a six-year USAF veteran, so I am wondering if anyone here has heard of any waivers that apply to prior service cadets or the age requirements. I know the ANG has an age waiver, but you have to be selected by the board in order to apply for the waiver.

I was also told that if I put that I was interested in RPA, then I would be allowed to meet the next board in August because RPA has an age waiver. I am not very interested in RPA, and I am much more interested in Pilot or CSO. If anyone has any ideas on what regulations to begin my search or who to contact (other that cadre) I would really appreciate it.
I'd look through the baseops forums if you haven't done so already regarding age waivers. Try to fight through this as best you can, 4.5 months between commissioning and UPT start seems like a reasonable amount of time for you to start UPT before you turn 30 as long as they get you off casual status quickly. Use your congressmen if you have to.

Another option is to cram your last semester into this summer and fall semester and graduate in December to give you an extra 6 months(I'm assuming you're in ROTC and plan to graduate next May). I'd recommend this option if possible because you put most of the process in your own hands.