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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by tmsusna, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Thinking about repplying afterr the TWE, my questions:

    I scored 4 on the Chem AP test and could get university credit; my university (Hopkins) doesn't recommend taking Physics without having taken Calculus previous (I took Honors Physics in HS). I will be taking Calculus I fall semester at Hopkins.

    Does taking the AP Chem credit and not the college Chem & Lab, hurt my re- application chances? Rst of my schedule
    Calc I
    Intro to Chem Enginnering w lab
    Engineering Today
    English (hemingway)
    Macro Economics

    Trying to add Chem w lab would put me at 18 credits. Avoiding Physics, (per Hopkins recommendation) until I have Calc under my belt (scored 700 on math SAT so strong math foundation).

    Advice and counsel?
    Thanks all.
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    One way to look at it is the Academy loves Calculus and Chemistry. While the AP score is commendable, there is nothing like earning an A in a "real" university level course. If the Academy is your goal, you could take Chemistry and Macro Economics or you could drop the Macro and just take Chemistry. Plus taking Chemistry could only help while taking the validation tests. Here is site to validation policy:

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