Re-applying to USNA after waiver denied by USMA


Nov 9, 2016

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Nov 9, 2016
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What is the best response to the question on the Personal Data Record about being rejected for military service. USMA sought a waiver for my DS last year and it was denied. Does he need to disclose that on the USNA Personal Data Record on his application?

USNA sought a waiver as well last year but did not follow through, as he was only nominated to USMA. This year he is only applying to USNA, although our congressional office thinks that maybe USMA would grant the waiver this year. Not sure how this would work, as nothing has changed.
How exactly is the question phrased on the PDR , and what is context of surrounding questions. I would expect that they are looking for disclosure of any general rejection , ie. tried to enlist and turned away at the door due to some general disqualification. DS was not "rejected" from service last year, he was deemed not medically qualified to compete for an appointment to USMA/USNA.

Can't hurt to apply to both USNA and USMA if still interested. Depending on medical condition and how competitive DS is, waiver outcome could vary from year to year, as well as by Service Academy. On the other hand, if MOC is the type that spreads the love and will only nominate to one Service Academy, apply to the Service Academy where the waiver is granted most frequently.