Re-took the CFA & expiring LOA?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by PJay, Jan 22, 2013.

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    I was DQ'ed from the class of 2016 due to a broken arm and soon after I was cleared from physical therapy I took the CFA. Muscular atrophy had disastrous results and I failed the pull-ups. I received a notification last week to send in passing results by Jan. 30 otherwise my LOA would expire. I re-took the test this morning and improved in most areas and e-mailed a scanned version to my RC, and mailed in two copies via express mail & the pre-paid first class envelope (just to cover my bases). My portal wasn't re-authorized for an online submission so I did what I could given the looming deadline.

    Now to my question: In the case that I failed my pull ups again, what will happen to my file? If my LOA expires will I be given another opportunity to take the fitness assessment so I have a regular deadline like every other candidate? I'm still in the process of training, but I hit the number of pull-ups I passed with last year.

    If anyone is curious these are my results:
    BB Throw: 55.1ft (up from 53 after therapy)
    Pull-up: 4 (up from 1 after therapy)
    Shuttle Run: 9.8s (up from 9.2 after therapy... I slipped)
    Push up: 53 (up from 37 after therapy)
    Sit-up: 80 (up from 63 after therapy)
    1-mi run: 6:24... tripped again and my groove got disturbed :thumbdown:
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    Talk to your RC. I know for fact the RC can request CFA waiver.

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