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    The info below was sent out by the Director of the Sponsor Program today. You may want to bring additional IDs if you are from these states. I suspect related info will be included in the Permission to Report package.

    Naval Academy and NSA Annapolis have been directed to comply with the Real ID Act. Specifically:

    ** State driver’s licenses from Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico or Washington and identification cards from American Samoa are non-compliant with the Real ID Act.

    ** Until further notice, individuals presenting credentials from the above states and territory must provide a second form of identification, and in many cases IT MUST INCLUDE A PHOTO.

    ** Individuals who provide driver’s licenses from states that do not meet Real ID Act requirements must provide an additional approved form of ID listed in table 12-1 of CNICINST 5530, 14a, Ashore Protection Program.

    **Some forms of additional approved ID are: U.S. Passport, School ID card with photo, voter registration card, U.S. Social Security card, Original or certified copy of a birth certificate, Drivers license issued by a state or out- lying possession of the United States with photo or information such as name, DOB, gender, height, eye color and address, ID card issued by federal, state, or local government agency that contains a photo or information such as name, DOB, gender, height, eye color, and address.

    We will keep you informed of any further developments.

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