Real Life at USMMA

@deepdraft1 the two pictures that jump out at me are the one of the guy climbing down the pilot ladder without a life jacket and the guy closing the door to the car. With WWL or Daimler cargo that would be an instant, unapologetic **** canning.
@beyond I agree.. the kid going down the pilot ladder should be wearing, at least, a flotation vest.. Not sure why the other kid was going in that car.. No apparent reason that I can see. Especially with a knife clipped inside his left pants pocket, while wearing a brass belt buckle and even his wristwatch.. all items that can potentially scratch a car finish. Even at Matson the mates working the car decks and the L/S driver gangs wore a smock to help prevent scratching the cars. By the way, I read your 'unapologetic **** canning' as 'unapologetic **** caning' [like they do down in Singapore] and thought YIKES! WWL and Daimler must be brutal to work for.. Raise the grating at the gangway and all hands muster aft to witness punishment..😬