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    <u>I understand no one is capable of telling me of the chances I have to get offered an appointment</u>, but I'm curious to hear some of your opinions regarding parts of my application. Anything is appreciated.<br /><b>SAT</b>: 650 English & 670 Math<br /><b>GPA:</b> 3.97 unweighted (last time I checked) & 4.565 weighted<br />AP's: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Physics 2, Statistics, Language and Comp, Literature and Comp, Environmental Science, and US History.<br />Honors: Geometry, Algebra 2, Bio, Physics 1, French 2-4, English 9-10, World Studies, Chem.<br />CP: Precalc and Calc (Finished with A in both.)<br /><b>Class Rank:</b> 12/270 top 5%<br /><b>Varsity Sports:</b> Soccer sophomore year. (Played my entire life, but due to politics in the program I stopped playing) Tennis senior year (Co-Captain junior and senior year)<br /><b>ECA: </b><br />Thespian Honors Society (2013 - 2017) : Councilman.<br />Theatre Department (2013-2017) Male lead role in "<i>Pride & Prejudice" </i>& <i>"Midsummer Jersey"</i><br />Interact Club (2013- 2017) : President.<br />Class Officer (2015 - 2016) : Vice President.<br />Academic Competition Team (2015 - 2017). Vice President<br />National Honor Society (2015 - 2017) : President<br />Student Body Council (2016-2017) : Historian.<br />Lead and Seed Drug Awareness & Prevention Club (2015-2017).<br />Future Business Leaders of America (2015-2016).<br />French Club (2015 - 2017).<br />Church missional group (2015-2017).<br /><b>Volunteering and Job experience: </b><br />Worked with tiling company on several projects over the course of a summer.<br />Worked and Volunteered as a camp counselor for school run summer camps for two summers<br />Worked at a ice cream shop the previous summer and will start working again in the near future<br />Volunteered at library with their kids programs<br />Volunteered with church group to clean up local park<br />Volunteered at my dad's business of rustic furniture creating.<br />Volunteered at local American Legion renovating their town meeting hall.<br /><b>Awards & Honors:</b><br />Siver Presidential Volunteer Service Award <br />Sons of The American Legion<br />Jack of All Trades Award at County Library<br />Widener University High School Leadership Award<br />Boys State Delegate <br />Tennis MVP<br />Rotary Youth Leadership Academy<br />2nd place in NJ acting competition for Group scene<br />2nd place in NJ acting competition for dramatic pairs<br />4th place in NJ acting compeititon for dramatic pairs<br />4th place in NJ acting competition for dramatic monologue<br />Finalist in NJ acting competition for dramatic monologue<br />Finalist in NJ acting competition for dramatic pairs.<br />Student of the month<br /><b>CFA: </b><br />bball throw- 95<br />pullups-max<br />situps-90<br />push ups-69<br />shuttle run-8.1<br />mile run-6:15<br /><b>Nominations: </b>four congressional nomimations from NJ, which is a competitive state. <br /><b>Medical: </b>Received a waiver for eye correction.
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    I'm a reapplicant from NJ too and will be apart of the class of 2021. Study for the SAT again and boost up that score. Go to a reputable school and join ROTC, I went to the University of Pittsburgh which has one of the top/oldest ROTC in east coast. Load up on courses that you think you can handle while holding a decent GPA. That GPA will put you higher on the WCS. Do dodmerb asap to get that waiver asap. Get the ROTC nomination as well as the congressional. i feel that essay and my SOE helped me tremendously and you need 2, math and English, from college. Pm me and I'll show you my essays. Oh and join clubs that interest you and although it's unlikely to get board positions as a freshman.
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