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    Like many others, I just recently received my non-select letter. I figured that if I was going to reapply then I might as well start now! :smile:

    When I log onto my portal it has all of my information for my application for the class of 2018. How do I start over with the PCQ for the class of 2019? Do I need to create a new username/account and password?

    Thanks guys!

    P.s. See all you other self preps at Northwestern in September:thumb:
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    I'm pretty sure for the "self-preps" (or "free agents" as the Durbeck's like to call y'all) have to redo your entire application aside from dodmerb (your medical exam is good for two years).

    Make sure to keep your essays that you wrote.. I'm pretty sure the topics are similar and it will help jog your memory when it comes time to write them (unless you're super smart and decide to get everything taken care of before NWP WHICH IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

    I'm pretty sure you don't have to remake your portal account thingy. Mine stayed put from junior year to now.

    If you have any more questions about NWP or anything else, VM or PM me :)

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