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    Hey, everyone so I was not successful this year at getting into USNA, Prep School, or even NROTC. Pretty disappointing year! However, being a naval officer is all I have ever wanted to do, and to attend the Academy would be amazing. So I thought I would just join NROTC and pick up a scholarship eventually by working my tail off. Unfortunately, I need a waiver and they won't review you for one unless your on scholarship. I have an Army scholarship, which isn't my first choice, but I want to serve. Based on a financial stand point I need to utilize this Army scholarship, at this pretty good school because college is expensive. If I reapplied to USNA would they be angry I'm in Army ROTC, I just can't financially afford college if I'm not. I mean the Army is great but the thrill of taking off a carrier must be incredible. Also, what would you suggest I do as a freshman in college to get an appointment. Any advise would be helpful I really want USNA! Do many reapplying people get in or is i harder second time around?

    Sorry for the bad sentence structure, I bet its confusing to read lol!
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    I doubt it, but you'd have to explain that to them.

    Can't say if the Army types would be too pleased, though....

    Take a look at the Plebe Year curriculum. Sign up for that or more, and then ACE IT. Join a handful of ECA's you like and/or a job of some kind. In other words, demonstrate that you can meet and even THRIVE against the challenges a Plebe would face at USNA.

    Were you given a specific reason for being declined? Was it academics, ECA's, or just that damned Murphy sticking his nose in it?

    Plenty of people get in the second, third, and sometimes even the FOURTH time around. Concentrate more on improving your resume than on the chances, as the one will definitely improve the other.

    All joking aside, the ability to write well is paramount in this world. Those who can do so stand a MUCH better chance of success than those who don't, especially when the ability to write clearly and speak clearly are BOTH present. If it's not your forte, WORK ON IT.