Rebuilding the riverine fleet

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    The Joint Mulitmission Expeditionary Craft is intended as for an array of uses off a chambered hull that can be built in varying lengths and widths. This prototype on display at a military boat show in Little Creek was outfitted with state-of-the-art electronics and remote-controlled minigun.

    A blast from the past. The mini-ATC (armored troop carrier) has been out of U.S. service for years but 10 such boats have been rebuilt for the Colombian military by a Virginia company. It has a flat bottom, troop ramp and seven mounts for crew-served weapons.

    Around in use by several military forces around the world, the Swedish-designed CB90 has a cabin that can be configured as an ambulance, troop carrier, command post or weapons bay. Visible here is a bow ramp that allows rapid disembarkation ashore. SafeBoats Internationa president Scott Peterson says there's a high interest among potential Navy customers.