Received my Appointment


Aug 8, 2017
Got a call from my congressman today letting me know I'm headed to West Point! Thank you to everyone here on the forums who helped me with my many questions... although I'm sure I'll still have many more questions in the future. Also, I'll be sure to stick around the forums in the future to help any future candidates for 2023 and beyond, may possibly start a youtube channel if I have the time, as I'm in to videography and editing. I have my basic stats listed below for any curious candidates/ parents of candidates.

1460 SAT (750 math)
3.85 GPA
12 out of 241 Class rank
5 AP classes, multiple honors classes
Multiple varsity sports
Yearbook EIC
Student Council VP
+Other volunteer/ extra curricular activities

P.S.- maybe some of the people on the forums can discuss this better than I can, but I had a liaison contact me and he advised me to send in physical letters of recommendation, as it forced admissions to physically look at them on paper and scan them into the system (essentially just keeping my name on their mind). I think it may have really helped, as I had the letters sent early last week.