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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Kensy, Jun 14, 2014.

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    It currently says, we have carefully evaluated the personal and academic information you have submitted. In order to complete it I must submit my SAT or ACT scores. Upon your test scores, we will review your information again.

    I do realize this and I was mistaken because I was worried about the last score because it was bad. My GPA is bad right now due to the fact of lack of AP classes and I am taking my failed Algebra 2 in the summer, hopefully I do good. (GPA is around 3.0 I believe)/ I have a lot of extra curricular and leadership

    My question is where can I send my SAT/ACT scores to the school? It says it is not necessary to complete the preliminary application again. I do not remember if I had inputted my grades directly online, if so is there a portal I use? I only applied for the Summer seminar, which I did not get in. I do not understand the meaning send your test scores because I do not remember applying directly, I only applied for the seminar.
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    Someone else correct me if I'm wrong. But the summer seminar application I believe is also the preliminary application to the academy so by applying to the seminar, you essentially also started a application to be considered a candidate.
    As for how to send ACT/SAT scores, you have to go to the actual ACT and SAT websites and login with your information and have College Board send your scores to the academy. Also you can't input grades, you have to submit a transcript.

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