Recommendation Letters


Nov 29, 2016
Does anyone know how recommendation letters from state legislators are taken into consideration by Admissions?
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Does anyone know how recommendation letters from state delegates or senators may help a CC? Not MOC, but legislators in your state.
Such recommendations are generally not helpful unless the candidate has worked for or had some professional relationship with the person. Recommendations submitted by casual acquaintances or friends of the family, no matter how esteemed, will not help, and too many could hurt an application.

The only recommendation that will have any impact is from someone who knows a candidate well and is in a position to provide input on how specific characteristics or abilities qualify the candidate to be a cadet and officer. For example, a scout leader, pastor, employer, etc may be able to provide insight that supplements or complements the required SOE's.
jl123 is spot on.
a LOR from a boss at a summer job who knows you well and can cite specific examples of your leadership capabilities is far more effective than a big shot who provides you a generic letter.