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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Msgr19, May 25, 2015.

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    May 25, 2015
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    Hey guys, I'm new to the site and was wondering if you have recommendations to make my application stronger:

    I am a high school freshman. I have strong grades at a private high school (high honors all four quarters of this year with a 3.89 gpa.) I am taking three honors classes next year, including chem which I hear is difficult. I am active in my Boy Scout troop: star scout one required badge away from making life. I wrestled this winter and, while i failed to make freshaman baseball, played town babe ruth. I plan on joining two new clubs next year that I will be active in and will try out again for baseball (I plan on practicing a lot over the summer.) Recommendations? I feel like I need more leadership positions.
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    Im glad to see you have started you goals and working hard at it. Take a look at this link from WP admissions detailing the classes you should be taking. The WP Admissions is a wealth of information getting there. Documents/Start-Young.pdf

    Please ask all the question you need right here on SAF

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