Recommended Opthalmologists near KP, NY

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    So now that I have received my appointment. I'm thinking about making a visit to Kings Point to check out the place within the next month. I've been wanting to get some insurance and meet with a opthalmologist to get Lasik/PRK.

    I want to start making moves during that visit and meet with some doctors near that area for consultation appointments before I get discharged from the Army. Right now I've been doing lots of googling and lurking on a few forums with no definite idea of where to start...

    Are there any not too far from KP that anyone can recommend I go see? My goal down the road is to apply for a rated slot or aviation in whatever branch so if you have any personal experience of you or someone else seeing a certain surgeon and then going military aviation. I'm even more open to hearing what you have to say!

    Disclaimer: I'm 24, my vision in my right eye is rather bad, and I've been adamant on pursuing surgery for a very long time.
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    Dec 25, 2016
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    I'm no expert, but I have heard that maybe you should wait on getting surgery until you check with the powers that be?
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    NY Eye and Ear on 2nd Avenue is probably the premier eye center in the US.
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    I wouldn’t put it as “the” premier place, but it is pretty well regarded. (There are flaws with the US News methodology, but here it’s #12. ). It also doesn’t have a well known refractive surgery practice. I have worked with one of their residency graduates for the last two years and his exposure to refractive was minimal which tells me their overall program probably isn’t super busy.

    I haven’t looked, but I would bet there are significantly “better” places for refractive surgery in the NYC area and possibly even in Great Neck/Nassau County.
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