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Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by marineratheart, Apr 28, 2015.

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    Apr 28, 2015
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    I'm an NROTCer with graduation in a few weeks and NPS scheduled in the fall, but my feet are starting to get a little cool thinking about being on a boomer for months. I'm wondering whether there's a chance to switch to SWO (nuke or otherwise). Anyone out there have any experience or know anyone who's made a last-minute switch?
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    I've known a lot of SWOs who hated their jobs and a lot of submariners who loved there job so much they thought poseidon should come to them for advice. Take that for what it's worth. IIRC, SWOs are the least happy community in the Navy.
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    My 2 brothers were submariners- one fast attack- the other boomer. It is a very challenging life being in the bubble and no sunshine- takes some getting used to. The training and education are unmatched. The dependability of everyone aboard is second to none. The fast attack community has a bit tougher life. If you get a chance read "The Rickover Effect". I would stay in the sub community but you will work your butt off...
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    DS just finished NPS and has a slight delay prior to prototype. He has met a lot of great officers and happy with his assignment although it was not his 1st choice. He just left for Europe for 3 weeks Wednesday with 2 other classmates and having a blast while on hold. Yes it is very demanding, but the future looks very bright. Trying to switch-not sure its possible although there is about 10% attrition.

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