recruited athelete in USAFA


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Jun 9, 2006
WHat do you have to do to become a recuited athelte in the Air Force Academy or the Prep School. My current sport is swimming.

Very REspectively
Thank you, do you know if the Prep school has a swimming team? I only see football, basketball, vollyball, and soccer.
If it's not on the site then they may not have one.

Not sure if you know this, but you do not apply directly to the Prep School.

I was recruited for swimming, and can answer any questions you have. what are your best stroke / times?
well so far my best time is 40 seconds for a 50 yard swim, yea i know its pretty embarrissing but thats because i started swimming this year and im a sophomore. but can you tell me any ways to improve so that I can be faster and hopefully get recruited?

thats a lot,
Hey- Well I'm not an AFA guy but I am a USMA Cadet (to be). I also may be a recruited swimmer and saw your post randomly and thought it was interesting. I started swimming my soph year and was injured... so I only have about 2.5 years of real experience in swimming so you and I are similar in that aspect. I'm a sprinter and my times arn't insane or anything like that, but I did talk to the coach this morning and he said that if I continue to improve my times and show potential they will keep me on the team. So I think I'll have a few months of being on the team to prove myself. To give you an idea of the times... I'm at like a 23.0 in the 50x free right now, and like a 50.0 in the 100x freestyle-- like I said not crazy fast but okay--and they told me that if I can get my times down to like a low 22.5 and a 48.5 within the first couple months and then by late season (like 5 months down the road) be at like a 21. something and and a 47. something I would be having good improvement.

Like I said, the times are pretty crazy. But keep in mind that it's not completely out of reach. I contacted the coach several times before my swim season senior year just to get their attention. Just keep a good attitude and keep working hard and who knows- they may just give you a shot!! Send me a message if you'd ever like to talk or want more information.
Dude those stats are insane. Right now I am finishing up my sophomore year and the fastest time I have done on the 50 free was 38 secs.
Hey- well just try your hardest and have fun with it. If I were you I would try my hardest during every practice set during practice-- push yourself as hard as you can and with that the times will drop, I promise you. You still have a full 2 years to continue swimming and get better. I wish I knew what times I started out at at my first meet (probably up in the 30's in the 50x free) but I just worked hard and stayed motivated. Trust me, good things will happen. Let me know if you have any other questions!!