recruited athlete chances


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Jan 31, 2017
im a recruited athlete but say i have low test scores , will they still send me to prep or deny me
No one can answer whether you will be sent to prep school or be denied. Many factors are at play. How low are your test scores? What does the rest of your application look like? Do you only fill an athletic need for the academy? Etc. etc. If you fill an athletic need it is going to help your application, but is only one bit of the whole picture.

Regarding being a "recruited athlete", someone else may have a much better answer, but it is my understanding that coaches can rate a candidate based on their need for their sport. They can only rate a limited number of athletes - those that are rated are truly "recruited athletes". There are many candidates talking to coaches that, if accepted, will get a chance to play their sport at the academy but won't be rated by a coach. Some of these are people the coach would like to have on their team, but they aren't as necessary as other people and therefore aren't rated. (Rated is probably the wrong term, but I can't remember the correct one.)