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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by bucketlist, Feb 3, 2015.

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    If an appointed candidate with a MOC nomination is offered a last-minute place on a recuited team (football, baseball, etc), will the MOC nomination be moved as with other recruited athletes? thus opening another slot on the MOCs slate
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    I believe you are making an assumption that may not be correct.... Not all recruited athletes have their nominations charged to alternate sources.

    Do the SA's sometimes "move' nominations in the sense that they will charge them to different sources? Yes. And do they sometimes "find" a nomination for a highly recruited athlete that may not have gotten one from his/her MOCs? Yes. But that does not mean all athletes are charged against alternate sources as a standard practice.... not by a long shot.

    The SAs have the daunting and critical task of assembling the ideal pool of officer candidates. Many, many things go into that equation and they have numerous restrictions/laws they must abide by. So candidates with multiple nominations allow the admissions folks a touch more flexibility in what slate they charge nominations against.
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    The large majority of athletes have MOC noms. MedB has it 100% correct. USNA will be moving noms around to different slates as they put this puzzle together for 2019 on a daily basis. One will not ultimately know who their nom came from 100% (if they were eligible for multiple Nomes) until I-day. I remember Plebe Summer we were all in the hallway and handed a small 3x5 card that asked if we wanted our parents and/or MOC to receive copies of our grades. This had our official nomination source listed and a bunch of people were surprised when they were ultimately charged to the VP or Supt.

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