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    I'm starting a thread here as clearly there are an awful lot of disappointed parents and prospective cadets out there right about now as the TWEs start to pour in. The Thread in the USNA forum kind of went off target and I think is something of a distraction to that particular forum but it's clear that there are a number of you who were surprised or unhappy about the appointment process. This thread will pick up from where that thread left off.

    A couple of ground rules to be reminded of:
    You are free to express your disappointment and even dissatisfaction with the process if you happen to be the parent or student who did not receive the appointment. While the intent isn't to censor your opinions, This is not a political forum, so please understand that swerving off target to bash one political party or another is not appropriate. Similarly, posts that are aimed at other posters by name or intent really don't add to the equation. Finally- Civility and reason are expected attributes of the dialogue on this forum. If you can make your point reasonably and listen to even if you don't agree with- contrary opinions then feel free to post your thoughts, disappointments , or game plans for overcoming this particular set back.
    I think 2012Mom sums things up well in the post below from the "rejected"thread in the USNA forum:

    Good luck.

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