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    can any 2014s show me what their remarks on their candidate activities sheet looks like, I'm having trouble making mine
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    The instructions said to use the space to bring other achievements to their attention and give more detail about things you checked off. I used the space to post my resume and go into more detail about my leadership activities. I did include my anticipated 12th grade participation and leadership positions, but only where they will be a sure thing or I have already been elected.:thumb:

    Academic Achievements:
    • Academic Letter
    - 10th and 11th Grade
    • Distinguished Academic Achievement Award (4.0 GPA while participating in a sport)
    - 10th and 11th Grade
    • 2007 Who’s Who Among America’s High School Students Award

    Athletic Achievements:
    • Taekwondo
    - 1st Degree Black Belt, working toward 2nd Degree Black Belt
    - 2007 American Taekwondo Association State Champion (Forms, weapons, sparring)
    - 2009 American Taekwondo Association State Champion (Forms, weapons)
     2nd in State in sparring
    • Nordic Skiing
    - JV Nordic Ski Team member (10th Grade)
    - Skier of the Meet Award (10th Grade)
    - Varsity Nordic Ski Team member (11th and 12th Grade)
    - Varsity Letter (11th and 12th Grade)
    • Track & Field
    - JV Track & Field Team member (10th Grade)
    - Varsity Track Team (11th and 12th Grade)
    - Varsity Letter (11th and 12th Grade)
    - Team Leader/ Co-Captain (12th Grade)

    Civic Involvement:
    • Girl Scouts
    - Current member of 12 years
    - Earned Bronze and Silver Awards, working on Gold Award
    • Key Club (10th Grade)
    - Active member with over 30 hours of community service
    - Committee Board member
    • Crew member for the Woodbury High School fall musical (10th Grade)
    - Spent 15 hours building the set for the fall musical
    • Church Youth Group
    - Active member (10th, 11th, and 12th Grade)
    - Multiple hours of community service each year
    • Taekwondo Community Service Award (10th Grade)
    - 65 hours of voluntary community service

    Leadership Positions:
    • Excel Martial Arts Leadership Team (10th, 11th, and 12th Grade)
    - Assistant class instructor and mentor to all students
    • Senior Girl Scout Camp Counselor (10th and 11th Grade)
    - Led units of 12 3rd graders through camp activities and wilderness skills
    - Mentor to all Counselors and Junior Counselors
    - Directly responsible for 15 Counselors and Junior Counselors
    • Assistant Girl Scout Camp Director (summer before 12th Grade)
    - Lead camp-wide songs every morning for over 200 campers
    - Taught fire building, wilderness skills, and crafts to units of 15 campers
    - Leader and mentor to all Counselors and Junior Counselors
    • Sea Scouts
    - Active member
    - Earned rank of Apprentice and Ordinary, working toward Able
    - Leadership Positions Held:
     Yeoman (Secretary), 10th grade
     Boatswain’s Mate (Vice President), 11th Grade
     Boatswain (President), 12th Grade
    - Earned 5th place overall out of 25 racers during the Great Missouri Valley Challenge Regatta sailboat race (10th and 11th Grade)
    • Discussion Club
    - Active Member
    - Vice President (10th, 11th, and 12th Grade)
    • Elementary School Kindness Retreat Group Leader (10th Grade)
    - Lead a group of 10 5th Graders through team building, problem solving, and self esteem building activities
    • National Honor Society
    - Active Member (11th and 12th Grade)
    - Committee Chair (11th and 12th Grade)
     Organized and implemented a blanket drive for babies in Africa; made multiple speeches to raise awareness during NHS meetings
    - Completed 63 hours community service
    - Lettered (11th and 12th Grade)
    • 2009 Minnesota Girl’s State
    - Appointed Sergeant at Arms of the Senate
    • Link Crew Leader (12th Grade)
    - Selected by Woodbury High School teachers to be a 2009-2010 Link Crew Leader
    - Will be a mentor to all incoming freshmen at Woodbury High School
    - Will be directly responsible for a group of 10 freshmen throughout the school year

    • 2009 USAFA Summer Seminar
    • 2009 Society of American Military Engineers/ USAFA Engineering Camp
    - Selected for and attended the S.A.M.E./ USAFA Engineering Camp
    - Earned the C-Flight Most Valuable Person Award

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