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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by mcrotcguy89, Jul 24, 2009.

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    Yesterday had a psych eval done due to the fact that my mom wanted my family doc to prescribe zoloft for me after having family feud due to divorce in middle school years. She told the doc that I had test anxiety in school and needed to take the edge off. However I didn't take the meds because my dad told me what it would or could do to me. My mom thought all this time I was taking the meds but I did just fine without them. My mom stopped having them filled when she found out in Nov. 2007 that I was not taking them. I am going to college hopefully with a Navy Scholarship to be a Nurse. I have done everything in my power in high school to see this dream come to fruition. If I were such an uptight student I don't think the commander would have given his recommendation in the first place. He would have only wanted the best in the military and he saw that in me.

    I guess my question is, how long or how fast will it take to render a decision of a waiver once my evals get to DODmerb? I gave the doc the information of where to mail the results. I am scheduled to start school in Aug. there is a midshipmen orientation (not required but would like to attend). I could have ommited the information on the medical application and been approved from the get go. But then again, it would always be hanging over my head and I didn't want to be discharged later in life for an ommition of medical information, which is the same a lying.
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    Email this post and your full name and last four SSN to Larry Mullen at

    Larry is the Deputy Director at DoDMERB. He is traveling right now, but checks and answers email in the evening. He WILL answer your question or ask for more information. He's helped my son out and many others here.
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    "If" received yesterday or today, I will reply by midnight tonight:thumb:

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