Remedial dodmerb


Jul 31, 2017
What is the process for a remedial dodmerb after I send in the paperwork that was requested? How long does it typically take after they receive the forms for my status to be changed?
I'd like to know as well. Thanks!
I also did a remedial, sent in the paperwork, and have not heard anything.
Probably depends on how much information the remedial asked you to provide. DD had a remedial for a broken foot. Her response required no follow-up with a medical professional - just a note that she had been physically active and suffered no ill effects. If the remedial requires stacks of medical records, it could take longer. DD was cleared to go within 2 weeks of submitting her remedial package.

Plus - you are sending information into a government bureaucracy - they aren't in any hurry to process it.
Depends on current backlog at DoDMERB more than anything. 3-4 weeks not uncommon but may be longer.

As stated you are dealing with government bureaucracy, get used to it !!