remedial for audiogram repeat


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Aug 18, 2008
Regards to the Army ROTC scholarhship:

I just recieved a letter for a remdial to retake a audiogram. The first didn't give me anything for the left ear because of serum earwax build up. But, they also wanted me to go to a private doctor, at my own expense, to remove the earwax and check for any additional problems with the typhamic membrane. I removed all of the wax with a simple home ear wax removal kit, so would it be possible to skip the extra doctor visit and just retake the audiogram? I ask because on the site it only shows the remedial for the audiogram and not the one for the ear doctor visit. Also, it still says that Concorde Inc. will handle my remedial, so does that mean I can just go back to the contracted doctor I went to for the initial physical. Additionally, the doctor was able to check my ear there to find out about the earwax build up in the first place, so can I just have that same doctor just stick that ear scope down my ear canal again? I can't go to the extra doctor visit because of money issues and I help out with a family dog kennel that inhibits me from going to these seemingly endless doctor appointments.
I am on vaction for the next 2 days. The best thing for you to do to resolve your issue is to email me your message (cut and paste) at will have someone work your case immeidately. Pls provide me your full name and last 4 of your SSN in the message:thumb:
I couldn't wait, so I contacted DoDMERB directly to hash it out. I'll see what that gets me.

So far it looks like I need to call Concord Inc to find someone to do my repeat audiogram. I'll email you if something goes wrong with that.
That's great. I am DODMERB. Though I'm on vacation, I would have forwarded you to somebody. I have access to that email all the time. Glad you got your response:thumb: