Remedial for black eye floaters


Dec 27, 2016
Hello, I've recently received a remedial 150.00 for the black eye floaters I've been seeing since middle school. I want to ask will this remedial be easy to fix since I've been fine all these years and even my optometrist say they will eventually go away on their own and the eye floaters have not made any progress for 5+ years. I don't know if my eye medical records will have this included so should I ask my eye doctor to write a note saying I've been fine and will be fine?
No expert, but first you should review the medical standard for eyes. On my quick review I did not see eye floaters as being disqualifying, but you should review it in detail. But floaters could be the indication of more serious conditions. My GUESS is that DoDMerb wants to know what is causing the floaters so they can determine if that is a disqualifying condition.

Documentation from your eye doctor stating the cause of the floaters and that they are stable and not progressing would be best. You may also want to consider consulting a opthomologist with military background to help you.