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    Hey everyone! I am a Naval Academy applicant and a recipient of an NROTC-"Marine Option" four year scholarship at the University of Utah. I am very athletic I played water polo and swam during high school. I maintained a 3.8 with many AP classes. I scored a 298 on my PT test for the scholarship. I cannot wait to become a Marine! I received a remedial for having too low of a pulse (44 bpm rested). So I followed the remedial instructions and my pulse after exercise still seemed too low (47 bpm). If anyone could let me know if this is something that could prevent me from receiving scholarship please let me know. Thanks!
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    Nah, they may require an ECG, Thyroid levels, at the most a review by a Cardiologist - who will probably snicker a bit at the request when he examines you.

    It is well known that well conditioned/athletes usually run below the average resting heart rate (60) and a sign of peak pump efficiency. Bravo! As long as you are asymptomatic (no dizziness, fainting, breathing or swelling), there are no worries.

    Good luck, your hard work will pay off!

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