remedial material

Harrison Morgan

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Oct 4, 2008
I've been asked to send in remedial material to DodMERB concerning my specific case and I believe all of it has been sent by the people I've contacted, I'm just wondering how I can know when Dodmerb has received it. Will the status page say they've received new material and are currently reviewing it? I really want to press this forward with as much timeliness as I can because I know the folks at DodMERB have a lot of work to do.
Currently things are looking good for the academies and I'm just hoping I can work through to eventual medical qualification, thanks everyone!
Within minutes, I tracked Harrison down and called him. I answered all his questions posted below and additional questions regarding his specific case; the DoDMERB process; and the waiver process for the program to which he applied. He was satisfied with the comprehensiveness and expeditious response provided.:thumb: