Remedial Question


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Oct 21, 2006
My medical examination was reviewed by the board, and the online status says they are sending a letter asking for a remedial 251.24- I looked it up and I believe that they need me to send all medical records from age 10. Anybody ever have to go through this remedial?, is it a good sign, bad sign, or neither?
It is a's a sign that we need more information to assess your medical status. Bear in mind, our goal is to meake medcial determinations that applicants MEET medical standards, as opposed to does NOT mmet medical standards.:smile: You can email me directly for more information on your specific case. If you do so today, Saturday, I will call and email you:thumb:

Provide your full name and last 4 of your SSN to by:thumb:
Because it is the weekend....and my access issues to the Forums are a lot easier...I was able to call and email a detailed response back to kwyjibo247 within the hour. He now knows exactly what needs to be don in his particular circumstance:thumb: