Remedial Requested - No Code


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Oct 21, 2017
Hoping to lean on a few of you who've done/are going through the process, if that's alright.

I scheduled exams through DODMETS, went to them, file marked complete on their website as of 30 AUG this year. DODMERB's site indicates they reviewed it on 4 OCT, but offered the status:

Remedial Requested

I called in to ask about it, what I was told (to paraphrase) is that this pops up whenever the file goes to a doctor for examination. Although I received an LOA from USMA a couple days later, it's been a few weeks since then and I'm starting to get concerned again. Is it common to get a Remedial with no code after the initial review?
Very common.
It indicates that based on the criteria DoDMERB uses some sort of remedial is required.
After further review someone will determine the code and the information required.
Once you receive it send them what they request.
It takes time, unfortunately. I was waiting for a week or two after that notification before I got the actual code. But yes, very common
Got the code at about midnight yesterday, just over three weeks. Kinda disgruntled, my fourth year in the Army but I'm not medically fiiiiit, fingers crossed for that waiver haha.

Thank you both.