Remedial Requested..


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Jan 22, 2008
:confused:I went onto the DoDMERB website and it says remedial requested...ugh the dreaded words! Is there any way i can find out what the remedial is for?
there should be a number in the list that dodmerb sends you of the process. Next to the date and remedial requested it should give a number for example
R110.0 (I have no idea what that might be)
if you look under the list of remedial codes, it should say what R110 is and will give a brief description of what it entails

I'm a candidate just like you so I'm just answering from my own experience with this process- best of luck to you
I had my hearing remedial today, the phone during the last one that's why I did bad. The phone rang again this time but it was in between frequencies so i think I was good.
You will receive a letter from DoDMERB in the mail. It will tell you exactly what the remedial is for and what they need you to do. They may need copies of medical records or they could tell you to go to a doctor for an exam, testing etc., but the instructions are in the letter.
tarrant09 - Send me your full name and last 4 of your SSN to I'm in Dallas on a layover. If you send, I'll have an answer for you before midnight tonight. Like Harrison said, down on the bottom of your page, there will be a code that tells you what the remedial is for....BUT...if it doesn't, send me the email:thumb:
Also, if U send within the next hour, send me your phone number and I can prob answer over the phone. I'm signing off the Forum now, but will have email capability until I'm in the plane:thumb: