Remedial Requested


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Sep 29, 2008
Woo the USNA requested remedial tests! Im assuming this is a good thing because Ive been DQed for Allergy shots and Asthma since September. I am confident that I can pass this stuff because I havent had a problem with allergies or asthma for years.

Now for the problem. I cant get an appointment for half of the remedials untill January 23rd...well into the appointment-giving process. I am just afraid that leaving a Medical DQ out there will be a problem and look bad. My doctor that deemed me fine told me that other doctor who prescribed allergy shots made a mistake, so I dont want an appointment with the other doctor, because she would not want to go back on her diagnosis.

Any thoughts on this?
When my remedial was requested, my contact at the Academy told me I could fax test results from my physician (that showed the remedial was not neccessary) to DoDMERB to help speed up the proccess. I ended up passing the remedial so I ended up not needing to fax it but you could check if that is a possibility.
I'll answer the general underlying question. Offers of appointment are made "independently" from medical qualification or waivers. The offers are "contingent" upon ultimately being medically qualified or waived. West Point does have the earliest deadline to accomplish this and that is 15 April.:thumb:
Thanks for your response.

I just took it as a good sign that the government is willing to pay for more tests on me. Ah, we'll see how it goes. I might go to Pittsburg to get it done by a specialist over the break.