Remedial requested


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Dec 5, 2017
I am a dad of USNA candidate.
My DS has received LOA form USNA last week.
As everybody aware of this situation, he need be qualified medical and a nomination.
I made a phone call to DoDMERB and heard everything is fine except his vision. She said USNA requires correctable vision 20/20.
So, I contact both eye doctor and his vision store and heard his correctable vision is 20/25. Also, the Dr. said almost impossible to have 20/20 for him.
With this fact, what will be happen form now on and how much chance of an appointment.
The DoDMERB is still reviewing his document and have not heard anything yet, but, expecting maybe another eye exam.
I am so nervous and feel sorry to my son.
Please share your story about vision requirement and any experience with vision problem.
This has been discussed here before; believe the conclusion is that if uncorrectable to 20/20 odds are slim.
The academy might issue a waiver but you have to complete the remedial process first and see.
Sorry to hear but nothing to lose by getting a 2nd opinion and submitting the requested info. A strong enough candidate might have a chance at a waiver.

Aviation however is almost certainly out.