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    Hey everyone, I have to be contracted NLT the beginning of December and I am still waiting on medical records for a remedial (its been almost two months!) I am a Junior in Army ROTC. So I have two questions...

    1. Will they be able to rush the review? What if I need a waiver after the remedial? Will they extend my time to contract or will I just be done

    2. Last year I ran a 5k and then had a scheduled physical. I had a urine test for some reason, and my GP ended up finding microscopic blood (hematuria) I ended up having to test my urine everytime after exercising and an extremely small amount showed up after long strenuous runs. So I was referred to a urologist where I got a cystoscopy and everything was fine... The doctor's note says "I find no pathology of his urinary tract. He appears to have benign idiopathic hematuria or March hematuria, both of which are benign conditions that do not require intervention"

    So obviously that quote sounds like there is nothing wrong at all, but what are your opinions? Has anyone else had experience with microscopic hematuria?

    Thank you!

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