Feb 16, 2017
DS said his portal for USMA says “Remedial” and his DoDMERB portal lists the other SAs (along with USMA) as “Remedial Requested”. He’s confused bc he says there are no codes listed nor and sort of form to download. Is this normal? We realize Remedials can be normal and part of the process but wondering if they are still populating the info, and maybe a form still to be posted? Will they send it snail mail? From reading on SAF, I’ve shared with him how everyone suggests resolving medical issues as soon as possible. He wants to do that but not sure what they want more information about. Should he call DoDMERB or just wait a few more days to see if they post or send anything? Appreciate any guidance:)
DD's UsMA portal showed remedial before her Dodmerb updated online. I believe it was no more than 48 hours and a letter was available explaining what was needed.
DS portal showed before DODMERB posted. DODMERB posted within 1-2 days. All was done through portal, not snail mail. Be sure in addition to clicking on "view my status", to click on "view my correspondence" and it will have the remedial explained in detail.
So is still just says REMEDIAL on USMA portal but the other SA portal don’t say anything about a Remedial. DoDMERB portal still has each SA listed and says “Remedial Requested” but no codes and nothing under “Correspondence”. We are nervous about missing any forms DS might need to send back. It’s been a week- would he call DoDMERB? Could they still be updating his acct and forms will be added? Could forms be sent snail mail? DS has surgery for labrum tear this past summer so I’m thinking its relating to this. DS has appt coming up soon so if there are forms it would be ideal time to go over them w/ his dr. Appreciate any guidance or folks with experience:)
DS called DODMERB for his remedial questions and they were actually very helpful. They won't move things along for you but they can certainly answer your questions! Giving them a call will answer your specific questions for his specific case. God luck!