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    Summary: Son was asked for action on three remedials by Domerb.
    1. Medical Records since age 10
    2. Acutane use letter from dermatologist
    3. Back injury update from 9th grade sports injury from treating Dr.

    All of this was sent in. On the Domerb web-site under his account, there are two codes under the USNA:

    The codes deal with Accutane info and a "headache questionaire"

    He has a LOA from the USNA. There is nothing under the other academies except: remedial requested.

    Why is their codes listed under the USNA? What does this mean? We have not been contacted by DoMerb yet. Any help is appreciated.
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    DoDMERB only determines if a candidate meets and exceeds the standards for each SA and ROTC branch. Your DS apparently reported an issue (appropriately so) that would potentially DQ him from USNA. DoDMERB is simply asking for more information in order to determine your son's status. Regarding the remedial requested under the other academies, that just means they would require the same remedials in order to pronounce your DS qualified. It really doesn't mean anything sinister or promising. It just means they want more info.

    If DoDMEMB qualifies your DS, great. On to the next part of the process (getting a nom, CFA, etc.).

    If DoDMERB DQs your DS, then it is up to USNA to request a waiver. Since they (USNA) think highly enough of your son to give him an LOA, they will probably seek a waiver for you. That does not mean you'll get one, just that USNA will probably attempt that route. In any case, press on with DS's plan B and do what ever DoDMERB asks you to do. If you have any questions regarding the process, e-mail DoDMERB directly at the address listed on their website (currently down due to Sandy) or contact your BGO.

    Best Wishes ! :thumb:

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