Requesting a second Applicaton Packet


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Nov 13, 2008

So I was supposed to get an Application Package when my Initial App got accepted. That was 2 weeks ago, so not weird that I haven't yet considering the whole Europe thing and our postal service striking.

Howeeeever, tampering with mail is not illegal here, and my mum says she wouldn't put it past my dad hiding my application packet from me when it arrives (he's very, very unhappy about the whole decision as most of you already know :redface: - thanks for your advice on that part guys!! :shake::thumb:) -- and he has the mail key...

Therefore, I have changed my mailing address to my college counsellor's office out school, but I did that on Friday, so too late for the sendoff of the original packet, which would have been around Nov 21st?.

I immediately tried contacting my RD on Friday and, when no answer came, my BGO on Monday. But both have been mum, haven't heard from my BGO in over a week and I have never heard anything from my RD (Capt Southard, Region 3) although I emailed him nigh on a fortnight ago (at least) just to introduce myself. :smile:

Since this path hasn't proved very helpful (yet), any ideas on how I can get a second application packet, and pronto??!
I theoretically need my DoDMERB done for my MOC, although the lady in charge of the noms told me I didn't. But of course, I want to send in the results anyways!

ps - I am of course willing to pay the charge of the second packet + the charge of overnighting it or something.

THANKS A BUNCH!!!! :biggrin:
Hi Ant sorry to bother but USNA isn't working for me? The site in general just won't show, it's kinda weird.

Do you (or does anyone) have the number for the USNA Admissions Office handy? Thank you!!

ps - is there anyone / anyplace specific I should ask for?

thank you!
I thought the entire application was done online. When my daughter applied two years ago I don't recall her getting anything in the mail after she got her candidate number.

I got told of receiving a package with all kinds of details such as a training programme to help train for the CFA (which isn't necessary as I already did it, but still).

But you're right, I don't recall needing the send or fax anything thing to the Academy...

hmm :confused:
Ok I'm confused now... is this
NOTE: This is a Request for Information Application about the United States Naval Academy. This is not a Preliminary Application.

just information for sophomores/juniors/seniors or is it the actual application.

And like Just_A_Mom said, IS there even an application package that comes in the mail?
I don't know if there is a mailed app. I know my entire one was done online. You could always call admissions and they could probably tell you or set up an online account for you.
Katienavy?, The phone number and email address is for USNA admissions. If you have a new contact address different from the one you originally gave, then call or send an email and give them your new address.

Here is another Admissions phone number: (410) 293-4361 (from:

You do need a candidate number to access your online application. I do not know if they email that number to you or send it in the mail. In 2006, the candidate number was mailed.
I have a candidate number - which I got from an RD I was in contact with by email as I am such a late applicant.

Well, what I did was I simply went on CIS and changed the mailing address (the topmost thing on the page) and now it registers the new address...
That enough?

Thanks for the numbers!! I'll call them about the packet :smile:
Yeah, that should do it. Everything you need is in your CIS.

Wow, your dad is really willing to sabotage your application. That's tough.
He's backed off a bit from what I told you about last week but he's still veeeeery unhappy.
But wonder of wonders, we actually talk again! :eek: :smile:

It's ok thanks :smile:

When I got my packet all it really gave me was my Candidate# and a running guide. If you already run like I do the guide won't really do any good, so i dont think you need to do anything.
I'm nearly 100% positive that the entire application for the naval academy has been switched to online, its very efficient and can be done rather quickly if u spend a little time on it- best of luck!!

Harrison Morgan
USMA 13' Swimming and Diving hopeful!!