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    Hello all,

    I am currently a senior in highschool and a candidate to the USAFA. I have received a principal nomination from my congressman, and am fully qualified to attend (medically, physically, etc.)

    I know that USAFA lays out "recommendations" for classes to take in highschool, and I have met all of these recommendations besides the foreign language one. I have only taken one year of Spanish and the Academy recommends two. I know that these are only recommendations, but wasn't sure if a certain weight was placed on the foreign language department? Will I become ineligible if I don't take a second year of Spanish in highschool?

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    They are recommendations like you said. The Admissions Department does not publicly release a magical "equation" for getting in with details on how certain qualifications are weighted. So no one here will likely be able to give you any concrete information other than the obvious "you'll be less competitive academically than someone who has taken two years of foreign language".

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